Court expert

Court expertizing and court appraising

Sworn court expert and appraiser carries out expert opinions of legal and tax purposes at the request of the court, in the construction field and field of health and safety at work.


The role of the court expert is in most of the litigation of the utmost importance. A court expert is appointed, to clarify when a particular case requires someone with expertise, which is not covered by court. A court expert in the field of construction assist in resolving legal disputes like for example.: related to real estate and land issues, for unfulfilled contracts for construction work etc.

Health and safety at work

Slovenian courts in their litigation departments have many issues in the field of liability law, and therefore also need experts with expertise in the field of health and safety at work. This area is very specific, and currently covers only a small number of experts in Slovenia. Area that we cover: safety at work – generally, safety at work in construction.