Urška Čebular, LL.M. in Management


  • Higher professional study of Civil Engineering on University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1996
  • B. Sc. in Civil Engineering on University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Department of Constructions, Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2004.
  • Master of Law and Management of Real Estate, European Law Faculty, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, direction: Law and real estate management, 2011.
  • Court appriaser (for the construction field – real estate and building land) by the Ministry of Justice of the Republica of Slovenia, since 2013

Urška Čebular since 1996 works as a leading designer for the company Constructa, construction engineering, evaluation of real estate property, d.o.o., and is since 2005 also employed as designer – consultant at the company Opi Inter, company for environmental, process and marine engineering, d.o.o.

Aa soon as she completed her study at the University (Faculty) of Architecture, Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana (at first she completed higher professional study of Civil Engineering), which was in fall 1996, she was employed in the company mentioned above, and started to work in the field of construction repairation works. She has been active in the design of the reparaiton as weel as in the performance of it. Soon she became independent and has worked as leading designer on the renovation of reinforced concrete structures in the complex buildings. But the desire for more knowledge was so strong, that she decided to continue the study. On that base she acquired higher education by completed university study of Civil Engineering – Structural Division, at the University (Faculty) of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana, in the year 2004. She studied as well as worked for the company.

Working on the site in very demanding circumstances was enough reason, that she decided and in the year of 2005 went to the training for the coordinator for the health and safety at work. At the training she obtained the knowledge and the certificate for a Coordinator for safety and health at work in the preparatory phase of the project (K1), issued by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs, the Inspectorate of Labor.

In recent years, however, her work in special reconstruction works on the construction of complex structures, has began hand in hand with interest in related areas. And that would be real estates and handling with them on the market (market management). Therefore, in 2008 she enrolled in the European law school in Nova Gorica, Master’s degree, majoring in law and management of real estate. She graduated in 2011.